Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Should More Shows End After One Season?

After hearing about Fargo's one-season model and the success of True Detective's mini-series like episodes, I started thinking about shows that would have been better served following a similar approach. I know there is another season planned for True Detective, but like American Horror Story, it is being reported that each season will follow different characters with whole new story lines. So, which other shows do I think would have benefited from stopping sooner?

We miss you, Andy Whitfield.
Spartacus comes immediately to mind, a show that, if stopped after season 1, would have had a quality run. While not without issues, like requiring a healthy suspension of disbelief for the fanservice gore and nudity. (I did like Gods of the Arena however) The drama was smart, the action exhilarating, and the suspense built with every episode to a dynamic finish.

Scofield was magnetic in season 1,
a mastermind we delighted to see at work.
Another that comes to mind is Prison Break. Excellent first season, followed by quickly deteriorating success. These two shows share the same problem, the premise changes dramatically at the conclusion of the first season. And the magic leaves with it.

More shows should content themselves with having a shorter run, especially when it serves the story. It also allows for a better chance of drawing A-list actors, as proven by Mcconaughey and, to a lesser extent, Billy Bob, Harrelson, and Martin Freeman. I know it's a lot to ask for in a money- first world, but there is something to be said for leaving the audience wanting more.

What other shows would have been better served by stopping after their first season? Comment below:
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