Thursday, May 26, 2011

Discourteous Rousing

It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon and I was napping, dreaming peacefully of a group of a cappella singing sea turtles or some such nonsense, when, suddenly, the universe decided to drop a monstrous tree branch onto the roof of my house.

It landed directly above my bed. For a moment I thought I was a real-life Donnie Darko, soon to have my world ended by a random misfortune. The thunderous crash and thud that woke me was short lived, though, and somehow the roof held strong. 

We went out to assess the damage and get the branch off the house, and I took the above picture. Not quite a jet engine, but those branches were quite hefty; I theorize that the larger branch took the smaller down with it. 

We discussed what it would’ve been like if it crashed through the roof, broke my window, etc. I think I would’ve assumed the Ents were going to war (A la The Two Towers), and that I was a marked man for not printing on both sides of the paper.

Maybe it was an assassination attempt by the cadre of squirrels that operate above my house. I'm going to keep my eye on them, just in case. Devious little acorn eaters.

Never Trust a Squirrel

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