Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Artistic Fringe

I am changing this blogs purpose, if only slightly. I am widening the lens. I have focused so far on gaming alone, but in truth, it is only one of my interests. Basically, I want to include all of the art forms I am interested in, not just video games. Television, cinema, literature, music and what they all have in common. So I am renaming my blog: Don't Fear the Fringe. This will also give me a wider variety of topics to select from when writing my posts, so there’s that. defines fringe as: an outer edge; margin; periphery. Most of my favorite things exist on the fringe of the mainstream. Each of the following are under appreciated and misunderstood in our society; I want to give them equal footing. It is my hope that changing of my mission statement will help my blog hold greater interest for more of you, because everyone dabbles with the edge, but I love it here. I want to encourage people to branch out. My topics will span the following:

Contemporary Literature

There is this unfortunate misconception out there that the last meaningful literary writer died somewhere towards the beginning of the 20th century. It just isn’t true, there are a lot of amazing writers out there, and a hundred years from now it is my expectation that many of them will have elevated themselves to household names. It is unfortunate that it can take so long, but some people never consider literature truly great until it has passed the test of time. I’m not one of those people and you shouldn’t be either. You miss out on the voices of our generation by only reading authors dead a hundred years or more, you miss the power of literature that is current and speaks to your everyday life.

Fringe Music
These people got the memo

It is the sound of the fringe. It deals with the material and emotions that people would rather overlook, much like good literature. It is music that makes you feel alive and reminds you that you are not alone, that there are others who feel your pain. Music, like life, doesn’t always have to be bright and shiny, doesn’t have to exist for the dance floor as something you should want to shake your ass to. Music can help you with times of pain, of strife, of stress, of anger, of loss. Music can be intricate, unexpected, and every bit the genius that someone like Beethoven would admire. Some pop music tries, but the sad truth is that for something to make the mainstream, it has to worry much more about being catchy and radio-friendly than anything else. 


It is my genre of choice. I say genre because a good work of literature cannot be categorized into genres. I believe there are redeeming qualities to all kinds of genre fiction, and there are often failings. Ultimately, there is a certain expectation that a person who reads any particular genre has when he picks up that book, and on some level, those expectations must be met. Fantasy, to me, is about imagination. Fantasy is my genre of choice, and I will let George R.R. Martin explain why. 
Television / Cinema
I hope he isn't watching Jersey Shore
I must say, I think our society is headed the right direction in this area. More often than not, if a smart, edgy, well-written, and well-executed piece of film comes out, the people of our society actually enjoy it. That isn’t to say that some fantastic shows and movies aren’t operating under the radar, but at least they are getting made, and people actually know about them.

Grandpa knows all of Scorpion's Fatalities

And yes, my original area of interest, games. I consider them to be an art form all their own, and I will continue to talk about their impact on my life. 

I look forward to our chats.

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  1. I for one am happy with the expansion of topics. While I go enjoy a good game, we share a lot of the other same "fringe" interests and I always am interested in hearing your opinions on things that I enjoy as well, especially the non-mainstream topics. I'm hanging out on the fringe right there next to you.